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Celebrating Athletes Leading the Charge Across the Globe. The trend toward normalizing cannabis is not specific to one country. Athletes around the world are taking part in a global Sports Cannabis movement to end prohibition.

Celebrating Athletes Leading the Charge Across the Globe. The trend toward normalizing cannabis is not specific to one country. Athletes around the world are taking part in a global Sports Cannabis movement to end prohibition.

Ricky Williams

Retired NFL Legend, thought leader and entrepreneur, Ricky “ @williams “ Williams is leading the Sports Cannabis charge off the field. Changing the game with @highsman , Ricky is using his platform to empower the plant as well as athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Williams played college football for the Texas Longhorns, receiving All-American honours twice as well as winning the Heisman Trophy in 1998 before taking his talents to the NFL. Ricky was drafted in 1999, in the first round, fifth overall to the New Orlean Saints before being traded to the Miami Dolphins in 2002 and led the league in rushing, earned First-Team All-Pro honours and as well as a Pro Bowl Selection.

Williams ultimately discovered the healing properties of Cannabis after retiring, partnering in the plant to help manage pain, injuries and the stresses of being an elite professional athlete.

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Anna Symonds

Retired Rugby legend, cannabis advocate, ambassador and educator Anna “ @exitdrug “ Symonds is changing the way we think about plant-based modalities through transparent conversations and an emphasis on education. 

Anna Symonds dominated the field with highlights that include; a USA Rugby Div 1 National Championship, a Sydney (Aus) Premiership Championship, and 4 national championships in the sport of Touch Rugby along with representing the USA Women’s Team at the 2015 Touch Rugby World Cup. 

Since retiring, Anna has taken her talents off the field advocating for cannabis and sharing a much-needed dose of education as a speaker and thought leader. Today, she’s leading the charge as the Executive Director for the Etheridge Foundation, a nonprofit organization supporting scientific research into plant and nature-based treatments for opioid use disorder.

Normalizing the conversation, Anna has used her platform to break the stigma as well as empower fellow athletes in the Sports Cannabis community.

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Marvin Washington

Retired NFL Icon and Super Bowl Champion Marvin “ @mwash52 “ Washington is advocating for an even playing field with a focus on education and transparency. A former defensive end, Washington played 11 seasons in the NFL with the New York Jets, Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers. 

Looking to shift the conversation, Marvin chats candidly about the negative impacts of opioid use and providing alternative treatment options for active NFL athletes.

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Rachael Rapinoe

Retired Soccer Icon, Cannabis Advocate and Entrepreneur, Rachael “ @rrapinoe “ Rapinoe is creating an impact off the field with Mendi Co, a company focused on providing natural ways to feel your best with plant-powered wellness.

In 2019, Rachael Rapinoe set out to break stereotypes and lay a new basis for herself. Her vision was clear, create an unparalleled cannabis company and help athletes across the US. Growing up in a sports focused household, Rapinoe had reservations around cannabis and did not use it during her professional soccer career. It was only after she walked away from the field, that she discovered CBD and the pivotal role it can play for athletes of all backgrounds. 

Today, Rachael is leading the charge with Mendi, creating invaluable products for the athletic community as well as pushing educational initiatives to the forefront. With an opportunity to shift the conversation, Rachael talks about the profound effects Cannabis has had on her life and the Mendi Movement.

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Bo Scaife

Retired NFL Tight End, Bo “ @allprobo80 “ Scaife is changing the game for athlete entrepreneurs of color across North America. In 2022, Scaife launched his All Pro Cannabis “ @all_pro_farms “ Brand dedicated to helping athletes and professionals take control of their mental health and improve their quality of life through premium cannabis solutions.

Selected in the sixth round of the 2005 NFL draft by the Tennessee Titans, Bo played 8 years, dominating the field and setting a record as the only tight end in NFL history to rush for a touchdown, catch a touchdown, return a kickoff and record a tackle in the same season.

With an opportunity to change the dialogue, Bo talks about pushing for an even playing field in the Cannabis Industry for entrepreneurs of color.

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Greta Gaines

Retired professional snowboarder, thought leader, global icon and Co-Founder/CEO of LovePlusHemp, Greta “ @gretagaines “ Gaines is changing the way we think of cannabis through education and advocacy. 

Greta Gaines continues to lead the Sports Cannabis movement, advocating for the plant on a number of platforms as well as pushing for normalization. In 1992 Greta was the ONLY female participant in the first world extreme snowboarding championship and became the face of the sport which at the time was dominated by men. 

Today, Gaines has taken her talents off the slopes and into the boardroom, creating LovePlusHemp, a consciously crafted, cruelty free, CBD-rich skin care for all. Pushing for change, Greta’s using her platform to advocate for a greener inclusive future.

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Mike James

Retired NFL Running Back turned entrepreneur and activist, Mike “ @mikejames “ James is using his platform to change the medical cannabis narrative. 

Drafted to the NFL in 2013, James played professionally for 5 years with career highlights that include playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Detroit Lions. Plagued by injuries and looking for clean natural alternatives, James found significant relief in Cannabis. In 2018, Mike became the first NFL player to apply for Therapeutic Use Exemption for Medical Cannabis. 

Today, he’s co-chair of the Doctors of Cannabis Regulation Steering Committee and the Vice President of Lion “ @lionorder “ Order. Using his platform to shift the conversation James talks about the importance of a collective movement for medical plant normalcy.

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Liz Carmouche

Cannabis Advocate, Thought Leader and Bellator Women’s Flyweight World Champion, Liz “ @iamgirlrilla “ Carmouche is fighting to break the stigma.

Liz spent five years in the Marine Corps as an aviation electrician before taking her talents to professional MMA with career highlights that include; a Bellator Women’s Flyweight World Championship in 2022 as well as competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the Women’s Bantamweight division. 

A constant force, Liz is using her platform to change the Sports Cannabis narrative, advocating for plant based modalities, CBD education and cannabis implementation into major sports leagues.

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Adam PACMAN Jones

Throughout NFL history there are few athletes like Adam “PACMAN” Jones, that have defined greatness and changed the game on a global level. Captivating the hearts of fans with his tenacious play on the field and ferocious appetite to be the best, Adam has led the charge and today is moving the Sports Cannabis conversation forward as an entrepreneur and advocate.

Jones attended West Virginia University where he made a name for himself before being drafted into the NFL in 2005 by the Tennessee Titans as the 6th overall pick. He spent 12 seasons dominating the game with the Tennessee Titans, Dallas Cowboys, Cincinnati Bengals and Denver Broncos, with highlights that include; NFL All-Rookie Team, PFWA All-AFC selection, First Team All-Pro selection and a Pro Bowl Selection. 

Changing the Sports Cannabis narrative as a thought leader, advocate and entrepreneur, Adam launched PAC24 a CBD lifestyle brand and personally selected his favorite strains to share with the world. Adding new products every month he’s cultivated a unique line for athletes and cannabis connoisseurs across North America. In late 2022, he continued his off-the-field dominance with the announcement of a partnership with @berner415 , Cookies on a new strain entitled “Pac Man” which can be found at California Cookies and Lemonade stores.

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Rob Sims

Retired NFL Legend, Cannabis Advocate and Entrepreneur Rob “ @robsims67 “ Sims is using his platform to change the Sports Cannabis narrative and push plant-based education forward. In 2022 Rob made waves across the world by teaming up with former teammate Calvin “ @megatron “ Johnson creating @primitiv_group . 

Sims was drafted into the NFL by the Seattle Seahawks in 2006. He spent 9 seasons dominating the field playing for the Seattle Seahawks and the Detroit Lions. Dealing with injuries, Rob partnered in Cannabis which ultimately saved his career.

Today, Sims is moving the plant forward with Primitiv, a company dedicated to positively impacting the global cannabis industry with an emphasis on breaking the stigma. From the field to the boardroom, Rob and Calvin have cultivated a meaningful brand focused on the advancement of cannabis as a form of elevated wellness and in recent years partnered with Harvard University to support medical cannabis research.

Rohan Marley

Last year Miami Hurricanes Legend, Thought Leader and Cannabis Advocate, Rohan “ @romarley “ Marley made waves across North America, launching Lion “ @lionorder “ Order.  

At a young age, Rohan Marley fell in love with football and with a ferocious appetite to succeed, earned a scholarship to play for the Miami Hurricanes.  Dominating as a linebacker, Rohan set a team high record of 95 tackles in a single season.

Since retiring, Rohan has led the charge off the field and in the boardroom as an entrepreneur, cultivating brands and changing the game for individuals around the globe.  On April 20, 2022 Rohan shared his vision for herb with the world, releasing Lion Order, a cannabis roots luxury lifestyle brand connected to the essence of life and the Rastafari mindset.  Lion Order made an instant impact, rolling out in Detroit, Michigan and has become a staple for cannabis connoisseurs.  

Over the past five years, the rules and regulations surrounding cannabis have evolved, with new states adopting policies to permit the use and sale of recreational/medicinal cannabis.  Reflecting on these moments, Rohan talks about the cannabis evolution and awakening we are witnessing as well the importance of having free will and choice.

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Calvin Johnson Jr.

oday, elite football athletes are playing a pivotal role in the progression of Cannabis and athletics. Since retiring, NFL Superstar, Hall of Famer and Co-Founder of @primitiv_group ; Calvin “ @megatron “ Johnson Jr. has been using his platform to advocate for greener impacts off the field.

Johnson was selected 2nd overall in the 2007 NFL Draft by the Detroit Lions, playing 9 seasons. Nicknamed Megatron, he’s regarded as one of the greatest wide receivers of all time with career highlights that include; being a three-time All-Pro, Six-time Pro Bowl Team, the leading receiver two years in a row in 2011’12, holding the title for most receptions in 2012, co-lead the NFL for receiving touchdowns ’08 and in 2021 was voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. 

Pushing for an even playing field, in 2019, Johnson was named to the board of directors of the MiCIA (Michigan Cannabis Industry Association), the leading voice for Michigan’s legal cannabis industry which advocates for sensible laws, regulations and best practices. Leading the Sports Cannabis movement for athlete entrepreneurs, Johnson partnered with former Detroit Lions teammate Rob “ @robsims67 “ Sims to create Primitiv Group, launching several cannabis facilities across the state over the past four years. 

Focused on cannabis education, Johnson and Sims donated resources to the International Phytomedicine and Medical Cannabis Institute at Harvard. Looking to change the narrative, Johnson talked about the importance of recognizing plant-based modalities in his Hall of Fame induction speech.

With an opportunity to offer new applications for athletes and cannabis consumers, Johnson and Sims recently launched @primitivperformance , a phytocannabinoid-infused CBD line of products incorporating nano-technology.

Dani Horan

Veteran Professional CrossFit Games Athlete, Dani “ @danihoranvt “ Horan is using her platform to normalize the Sports Cannabis conversation and advocate for women’s health.

Over ten years ago, former gymnast and competitive equestrian jumper, Dani Horan decided to embark on a new challenge, Professional CrossFit.  With an opportunity to defy limits coupled with an incredible work ethic and sheer determination, Dani went on to dominate the sport, competing in seven CrossFit Games.

Sharing her journey Dani talks about the importance of following our dreams and pushing against all odds.

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Devlin Breaux Sr.

Over the past decade, active and retired athletes have stepped up to the line of scrimmage to advocate for cannabis as well as move plant-based education forward. NFL and CFL legend Delvin Breaux Sr. is changing the coverage and making a play for cannabis. 

Today, Delvin Breaux Sr. is using his platform to share his journey with mental health, wellness and the pivotal role cannabis played in his career. He’s also a best-selling author and in 2020 released “Un-Breaux-Ken” a book he’s written to inspire others to push forward regardless of any obstacles placed in front of them.

Shifting the conversation, Delvin Breaux Sr. talks about the profound effects cannabis has had on his life.

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Bethany Semeiks

Skating to break the stigma, normalize the conversation and push for change, Bethany “ @semeiks “ Semeiks is moving the needle forward and paving the path for athletes around the world. 

For 8 years Bethany Semeiks was known as the “B-Train” dominating Women’s Roller Derby and today she’s using CBD to help with sleep, recovery and relief. With an opportunity to shift the perception, Bethany’s using her platform to move timely topics to the forefront, create awareness and advocate for cannabis.

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Nico Marley

Former football legend and son of Rohan “ @romarley “ Marley, Nico “ @nico2marley “ Marley has taken health and wellness to new heights with @lionxwellness , a brand inspired by his family legacy.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Nico fell in love with football, playing it throughout high school and making a name for himself at Tulane University before taking his talents to the NFL. Shortly after retiring from professional football, Nico shifted gears and created Lion X Wellness, a health and wellness brand focused on nutrition and premium CBD-based products.

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Al Harrington

The cannabis industry much like the game of basketball is constantly evolving and growing at a rapid pace. Retired and active NBA athletes have dominated headlines advocating for plant-based modalities and creating unique brand offerings. NBA legend, entrepreneur and Founder of @viola and @replayrecovery , Al “ @alharrington3 “ Harrington is using his platform to change the perception of cannabis and is focused on providing opportunities for individuals of color.

Harrington was selected 25th overall in the ’98 NBA draft, playing 16 seasons for the Indiana Pacers, Golden State Warriors, Atlanta Hawks, New York Knicks, Denver Nuggets, Orlando Magic and Washington Wizards.

Moving the Sports Cannabis conversation forward on the court, Al Harrington is changing the landscape for athletes across the country with the announcement of Re+Play as the official partner of the NBPA, the National Basketball Players Association.

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Darryl Reynolds

ormer NCAA Champion, cannabis advocate, thought leader, TEDx speaker and author Darryl “ @d.reythedirector “ Reynolds is changing the game as the host of .

Darryl Reynolds played high school basketball for Lower Merion and was immediately recognized for his defence, rebounding, dominating the post and had an unstoppable offensive game with an ability to drain buckets at will. After making a name for himself in high school, Darryl took his talents to Villanova University, posting an incredible career and winning a 2016 NCAA Championship. Shortly after graduating Darryl went on to play for the NBA Philadelphia 76ers summer league team before heading to Poland for a professional basketball career.

Today he’s using his platform to normalize the Sports Cannabis conversation, helping others through his journey, sharing his experiences and the pivotal role the plant has played in his life. 

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Jacob “Jesus of Golf” Golliday

Professional Long Driver, Cannabis advocate and entrepreneur, Jacob “ @jesusofgolf“Golliday is the face of change in Golf.

As golf enters a rapid transformation, new athletes are disrupting traditional culture and infusing the sport with color, young spirits, long drives and green moments. Swinging for the green, Jacob is leading the charge and today has partnered with close friends and industry titans to create the  @parteetour , an event that aims to change golf with an infusion of life, music and epic in person experiences.

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Eugene Monroe

n 2016, Eugene “ @eugenegreenmonroe “ Monroe was the first active NFL player to openly advocate for medical cannabis, speaking about the profound effects it’s had on his life as well as promoting education and pushing for normalization. Eugene played seven seasons in the NFL with the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Baltimore Ravens. Eugene has become a lead advocate for medical cannabis research, policy reform in the NFL.

Since retiring Eugene Monroe has led the charge off the field, and early on received approvals for cultivating and manufacturing in New Jersey’s Cannabis adult use market.  Focused on moving the cannabis industry forward Monroe co-founded Green Thumb Industries, a publicly-traded company that is dedicated to bringing safe, quality cannabis products to retail locations nationwide.  Today he is putting a premium on empowering entrepreneurs of color with Heart Community Capital, which provides roadmaps, resources and funding to Black and Brown-owned Cannabis Startups.  

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