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The King of Cannabis Launches Lion Order

“Cannabis is a way of life.  It creates unity, it opens pathways of understanding, it raises consciousness, and connects us to a higher purpose.  Our mission is to create the highest quality of herbs and lifestyle products that elevate consciousness and culture…"

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, current and retired athletes are coming to the forefront to advocate for cannabis as well as create unique companies and product lines.

On April 20, 2022, former Miami Hurricane & CFL Rough Rider, entrepreneur, global icon, and son of Bob Marley, Rohan Marley, launched Lion Order, a cannabis roots luxury lifestyle brand connected to the essence of life and the Rastafari mindset.  Changing the landscape of cannabis and moving the plant forward, Rohan is sharing the Lion Order movement as well as empowering the cannabis Kings and Queens across the globe.

“Cannabis is a way of life.  It creates unity, it opens pathways of understanding, it raises consciousness, and connects us to a higher purpose.  Our mission is to create the highest quality of herbs and lifestyle products that elevate consciousness and culture…Detroit has always been instrumental in the fight for Cannabis and against prohibition. I’m happy to be a part of the movement and the ingenuity of Detroit.”

-Rohan Marley, Founder & CEO of Lion Order

Son of Rohan Marley, and former professional football athlete, Nico Marley was in Detroit to share the vision and essence of Lion Order;

“The rollout was phenomenal, finding the key people was major, Mike James was instrumental with everything. Michigan has really stepped up and they want to be the leaders for cannabis. That’s why it’s so powerful to be a part of that movement as well as bringing our brand to life where we are allowed to be ourselves, be unique, stand out and bring our values.  The Lion Order movement is that oneness, it’s about bringing the lion out of you.  Lion Order to me is something that is 10-20 years in the making.  My father has been preaching the Lion Order mentality my whole life, being the lion and the king of your jungle which is the oneness and the Rastafari.”

-Nico Marley

Retired NFL Runningback, cannabis advocate, thought leader and Vice President, Partner in Lion Order, Mike James, played football for the Detroit Lions, cultivating long-lasting relationships that are playing instrumental roles today with their launch.

“Detroit is a special place for many reasons. The people are very cool and down to Earth, and they live for the Detroit way. Whether it’s Isiah Thomas, Bill Laimbeer, Barry Sanders, Eminem, Trick Trick or Kid Rock – people in Detroit revere and respect those leaders because they stand behind Detroit as their representatives. Detroit is a city that is undergoing a major renaissance because of the cannabis industry and herb is the driving force behind so much growth and opportunity. It’s hard to overlook what cannabis has done for the state from an economic and cultural standpoint. Lion Order is in full support of all of the progressive development in Detroit along with Michigan as a whole being on the rise. But to get into the backstory, the Detroit connection goes back to when I was playing football for the Detroit Lions and connected with Mike Martin and became great friends, he’s a true Lion. Today, Mike’s an owner in Heavyweight Heads, and Heavyweight is growing some of the best herb we’ve ever tasted. Heavyweight shared our values and deep appreciation for herb as a way of life – not something you smoke just to get high. Heavyweight wanted to help grow our movement of bringing Jamaican herb culture and the spirit of Rastafari to the state of Michigan.”

-Mike James, Vice President & Partner in Lion Order

Lion Order officially rolled out in fourteen dispensaries across Detroit, Michigan with all products selling out within days of launch.  Today, Lion Order products can be found in over twenty stores.  Making an impact immediately, Lion Order looks to be a staple for all cannabis connoisseurs.  Erik Caggiano, Chief Business Officer, Partner in Lion Order and Nutrition Cannabis Specialist was on hand, helping infuse Jamaican roots into Detroit as well as spreading cannabis knowledge and education;

“The turnout was incredible! Michigan welcomed Rohan and our Lion Order tribe with true open arms and family vibes. People came from all over Michigan and nearby states to show up at the dispensaries we launched in to have fun with us and feel the positive vibrations. We have a very solid amazing team and so does Heavyweight Heads, the combination is very strong and Heavyweight Heads did an excellent job with our debut launch. What the people liked most about Lion Order was the fact that we brought the Jamaican Irie vibe with us, that true cannabis roots reggae feeling and energy of our brand and culture to Michigan. The month of April is still cold in Michigan, and we helped bring some island sunshine to the people.”

-Erik Caggiano, Chief Business Officer and Partner in Lion Order

Focused on providing premium products, Erik Caggiano  added;

Right now, we have 3 premium strains of flower sold in 1/8ths and pre-rolled joints. The strains are called Island Sunshine which is sativa dominant, King Clementine which is essentially a hybrid, and Road Block which is a powerful indica but still has an uplifting Irie effect. Our THC potencies are between 22% and 27% with all of our strains having an overall very strong well balanced cannabinoid and terpene profile. We have 2 kinds of pre-rolls which are the shorty 7 pack and a thick single joint which is 1 gram that come in all 3 strains. We also have high quality tasty concentrates on the market, along with a CBD/THC 1:1 blend sports recovery cream coming soon called Lion Balm. It’s a very effective product especially for application in the sports realm, people will really appreciate this product and will love it when they try it. We have more high grade premium new strains coming soon as well and other choice products, along with us introducing our Lion Order brand into new territories and states in the near future.”

-Erik Caggiano, Chief Business Officer and Partner in Lion Order

Learn more about Lion Order today at : and follow on Instagram : @LionOrder

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