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Women in Sports Cannabis

“Don’t be afraid to use your power. Freedom is sometimes lonely and scary, but it’s exhilarating and worth it…” -A Symonds

Since the global introduction of cannabis for legal and medicinal purposes, female athletes, advocates and industry professionals from across the globe have led the charge to change the narrative and move the plant forward.

Their movements have sparked unique companies, product lines, and pushed education to new heights.  With an opportunity to share their journeys we’re taking a moment to highlight the top female athletes that have made waves since legalization for medicinal and recreational cannabis.

Anna Symonds

Retired Rugby legend, cannabis advocate, ambassador and educator Anna Symonds is changing the way we think about plant-based modalities through transparent conversations and an emphasis on education. 

Anna Symonds dominated the field with highlights that include; a USA Rugby Div 1 National Championship, a Sydney (Aus) Premiership Championship, and 4 national championships in the sport of Touch Rugby along with representing the USA Women’s Team at the 2015 Touch Rugby World Cup. 

Since retiring, Anna has taken her talents off the field advocating for cannabis and sharing a much-needed dose of education as a speaker and thought leader. Today, she’s leading the charge as the Executive Director for the Etheridge Foundation, a nonprofit organization supporting scientific research into plant and nature-based treatments for opioid use disorder.

Normalizing the conversation, Anna has used her platform to break the stigma as well as empower fellow athletes in the Sports Cannabis community;

“Don’t be afraid to use your power.  Freedom is sometimes lonely and scary, but it’s exhilarating and worth it…”

-A Symonds

Greta Gaines

Retired professional snowboarder, thought leader, global icon and Co Founder/CEO of LovePlusHemp, Greta Gaines is changing the way we think of cannabis through education and advocacy. 

Greta Gaines continues to lead the Cannabis movement, advocating for the plant on a number of platforms as well as pushing for normalization. In 1992 Greta was the ONLY female participant in the first world extreme snowboarding championship and became the face of the sport which at the time was dominated by men. 

Today, Gaines has taken her talents off the slopes and into the boardroom, creating LovePlusHemp, a consciously crafted, cruelty free, CBD-rich skin care for all.  Pushing for change, Greta’s using her platform to advocate for a greener inclusive future;

“In 1937, we witnessed the greatest heist of a US resource in American history when cannabis essentially became illegal…” adding “The day that Cannabis was taken out of the pharmacopeia and hemp was removed, we lost one of the very staples that founded our independence, that created America… You have to keep your eyes open in America, freedom isn’t free, and you have to continue to fight for your freedom.  In this case, I’m really proud to have been part of a successful fight to undo 80 years of propaganda. They did the cannabis plant really, really wrong, and I’m just happy to see HER reputation restored.”

-G Gaines

Rachael Rapinoe

Retired Soccer Icon, Cannabis Advocate and Entrepreneur, Rachael Rapinoe is creating an impact off the field with Mendi Co, a company focused on providing natural ways to feel your best with plant-powered wellness.

In 2019, Rachael Rapinoe set out to break stereotypes and lay a new basis for herself. Her vision was clear, create an unparalleled cannabis company and help athletes across the US. Growing up in a sports focused household, Rapinoe had reservations around cannabis and did not use it during her professional soccer career. It was only after she walked away from the field, that she discovered the profound effects of CBD and the pivotal role it can play for athletes of all backgrounds. 

Today, Rachael is leading the charge with Mendi, creating invaluable products for the athletic community as well as pushing educational initiatives to the forefront.  With an opportunity to shift the conversation, Rachael talks about the profound effects Cannabis has had on her life and the Mendi Movement;

“The most noticeable areas that cannabis has positively impacted my life are sleep, full body and localized pain relief and a reduction in my overall stress and anxiousness throughout the day…” adding “Our mission with Mendi is to empower athletes and active lifestyles with tools to thrive naturally. We are aiming to be the trusted hemp and cannabis brand for athletes, sports and outdoor enthusiasts and health and wellness seekers who want transparent and high-quality products formulated to aid in sleep, pain, stress & anxiety and energy & focus. We are also creating a brand that sincerely champions equity and equality in the sports and cannabis landscapes. We hope to build a brighter future for all in this journey…”

-R Rapinoe

Liz Carmouche

Cannabis Advocate, Thought Leader and Bellator Women’s Flyweight World Champion, Liz Carmouche is fighting to break the stigma.

Liz spent five years in the Marine Corps as an aviation electrician before taking her talents to professional MMA with career highlights that include; a Women’s Flyweight World Championship in 2022 as well as competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the Women’s Bantamweight division.

A constant force, Liz is using her platform to change the Sports Cannabis narrative, advocating for plant based modalities, CBD education and cannabis implementation into sport;

“My movement is to normalize cannabis use across all major sports leagues so that everyone can benefit from it…” adding “Normalizing cannabis conversation looks to me like speaking with doctors about my use and how it’s helped me. Speaking to my peers about use and benefits as well as talking to elders… Cannabis bans for athletes and the military needs to be removed. As well as providing better testing to distinguish between CBD and Cannabis…”

-L Carmouche

Dani Horan

Veteran Professional CrossFit Games Athlete, Dani Horan is using her platform to normalize the Sports Cannabis narrative and advocate for women’s health.

Over ten years ago, former gymnast and competitive equestrian jumper, Dani Horan decided to embark on a new challenge, Professional CrossFit.  With an opportunity to defy limits coupled with an incredible work ethic and sheer determination, Dani went on to dominate the sport, competing in several CrossFit Games.

Today, Dani is the owner of Champlain Valley Crossfit and a Cannabis advocate, using her platform to share her journey with CBD.  Encouraging others, Dani talks about the importance of following our dreams, pushing against all odds as well as advocating for cannabis and women’s health;

“You have to do what makes you happy in life… It might be challenging and you might have to overcome a lot, but just keep going after what really sets your soul on fire and don’t stop until you get what you want…” adding “I think that the reason why I’m such an advocate of cannabis is because I’ve struggled from really painful, uncomfortable menstrual cycles… There’s not a lot of information out there, and there’s not a lot of support to help females figure it out… If I can help one female, get out of pain and live a normal life, then that means the world to me… ”

-D Horan

Alex Morgan

Professional Soccer Athlete, Gold Medalist, Business Woman and Cannabis Advocate Alex Morgan is using her platform to break the stigma and has co-found a unique cannabis company for athletes of all backgrounds. 

Known for her speed, strength and scoring ability, Alex has become a global soccer icon making waves around the world. From the field to the boardroom, Alex has teamed up with professional athletes Klay Thompson, Travis Pastrana and Paul Rodriguez to create Just Live, a CBD company that caters to fitness enthusiasts and athletes of all levels looking for clean natural alternatives.

Changing the conversation, and shedding light on the profound effects the plant can have for athletes, Alex talks about partnering in CBD at night to help her recover and feel fresh for the next day. 

“In today’s world with all the stress and anxiety we have, and for me personally as a mom, an athlete and a business woman, I need to get a good night’s sleep because I need to wake up energized…” adding “I need to feel like I’m ready to tackle the day each and every day…”

-A Morgan

Danica Patrick

Former Professional Racing Driver, Podcast Host and Entrepreneur, Danica Patrick is driving the CBD movement forward. As a racecar driver, Danica broke barriers, set records and disrupted the car racing world succeeding in a male-dominated sport.

Today, she’s making headlines off the track joining a long list of athletes dedicated to pushing clean natural alternatives to the forefront;

“I’m always interested in new modalities, new supplements, that resonate with me and could help me feel 20 when I’m 60.”

-D Patrick

Putting health and wellness first, Danica’s a brand ambassador and investor of CBD company BEAM.  She understands CBD may not be for everyone, however that’s never stopped her. For Danica, CBD was always the next step;

“I’m not rebranding myself…I’m branding myself for the first time. This is my brand. This was always my brand. During my racing career, I had some say with my personal partnerships, but there were some sponsors for the cars that didn’t perfectly align with my brand. That was just a part of sponsorship necessities that were required as a part of racing…” adding “I’ve always been a bit of a hippie…”

-D Patrick

Sue Bird

Retired WNBA Star and Cannabis Advocate Sue Bird is using her platform to change the Sports Cannabis narrative and joined the Portland CBD Company, Mendi as a partner and athlete ambassador. 

Bird dominated the court with highlights that include; 4x WNBA Champion, Commissioners Cup Champion, 12x WNBA All-Star, 5x All-WNBA First Team, 3x WNBA Assists Leader and retired with notable achievements; All-Time Leader in Assists, All-Star Appearances, Games and Seasons Played as well as being named to the WNBA Top 15 players of All Time.

Outspoken and a constant force off the court, Sue is changing the way we think about natural healing modalities advocating for CBD.  Today, she’s incorporated CBD to help with anxiety, calm down after a long day and sleep;

“I believe in CBD… I’ve seen the positive effects… When I’m feeling anxious or just need to calm down, I take it… For the most part, I use it for sleep and it has been amazing…”

-S Bird

Bethany Semeiks

Skating to break the stigma, normalize the conversation and push for change, Bethany Semeiks is moving the needle forward and paving the path for athletes around the world. 

For 8 years Bethany Semeiks was known as the “B-Train” dominating Women’s Roller Derby and today she’s using CBD to help with sleep, recovery and relief. With an opportunity to shift the perception Bethany’s using her platform to move timely topics to the forefront, create awareness and advocate for cannabis.

“We have decades of stigma to fight! Coming out of Medical Cannabis History, Culture and Policy, we can see the moments in time when there was an opportunity to shift the cannabis conversation to medicine instead of crime.” adding “Unfortunately, that moment passed and then there was Nixon, the War on Drugs, DARE and sweet Nancy Reagan creating the stigma. Cannabis can help a variety of ailments for humans and pets, I’ve even incorporated CBD use into my dogs routine…”

-B Semeiks

Looking ahead, Bethany talks about the future of Cannabis and athletics;

“As long as WADA bans all cannabinoids except CBD isolate, overall adoption will stand still. I would love to see all cannabinoids as available in every professional, college and hobby sports locker as Advil…”

-B Semeiks
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