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Eugene Monroe | Moving the Needle Forward in 2022

"Cannabis has replaced my need for pharmaceutical pain meds and anti inflammatories. I don't consume any medication other than cannabis currently, as a result of my use. It's not only a replacement, it's better."
Creative Contributor : Matthew Nielsen

In 2016, Eugene Monroe was the first active NFL player to openly advocate for medical cannabis, speaking about the profound effects it’s had on his life as well as promoting education and pushing for normalization.  Eugene played seven seasons in the NFL with the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Baltimore Ravens.  Since retiring, Eugene has become a lead advocate for medical cannabis research and policy reform in the NFL and has created Heart Community Capital.

With a focus on change, Eugene is using his platform to destigmatize the cannabis conversation and educate his followers;

“We must use education to defy the cannabis stigma that still exists. We also must be bold to normalize its use. So many people still sit, torn from society, imprisoned while this becomes normal for everyone else. I’ve used my athletic platform to educate and reform policy. I’ve also helped create access to cannabis in business. Whether its health and wellness benefits, the economic and job opportunity, social justice, research, these cannabis core issues are inseparable. We can all educate, create awareness, fight for progress, doing this all helps us end the stigma.”

Cannabis has helped athletes in a variety of ways, for Eugene it’s provided a much needed dose of relief;

“Cannabis has replaced my need for pharmaceutical pain meds and anti inflammatories. I don’t consume any medication other than cannabis currently, as a result of my use. It’s not only a replacement, it’s better.”

Today, his favorite modes of consumption are dab’s and vaping concentrates;

“I typically dab/vaporize concentrates.  Heavy hitting doses before training sessions help keep me mentally engaged with reduced pain. My body always hurts from a history of football injuries. I use cannabis to take the edge off. I also make my own pain creams that I love to use on my knees and back before getting active. I suffer from headaches and a potent Holy Oil, or RSO helps relieve those symptoms. Cannabis hasn’t “cured” my conditions, but it provides incredible relief.”

Shifting the conversation, Eugene Monroe has created Heart Community Capital with a mission to reverse racial inequality and empower entrepreneurs of color;

“My company Heart Community looks to reverse the racial inequality we’re all aware of in cannabis. We’re building brands for the community that our consumers will own, and we’re investing into black and brown businesses, and other equity and diverse cannabis businesses.  We love to cultivate, both the plant and relationships, we are plants and people first. We’re also providing roadmaps and resources to businesses and we’re excited to be at work on these efforts on the east coast.   Black and brown people make up less than 5 percent ownership in cannabis. We want to change this narrative and help others take hold of this crucial opportunity.”

Learn more about his movement today.



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