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Rachael Rapinoe is Leading the Charge with Mendi

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Rachael Rapinoe has set out to break stereotypes and lay a new basis for herself. Her vision is clear, create an unparalleled cannabis company and help athletes across the US.

Growing up in a sports focused household, Rapinoe had reservations around cannabis and did not use it during her professional soccer career. It was only after she walked away from the field, that she discovered the profound effects of CBD and the pivotal role it can play for athletes of all backgrounds. Today, Rachael is leading the charge with Mendi, creating invaluable products for the athletic community as well as pushing educational initiatives to the forefront. 

Mendi has hit the stage in full stride with support from her sister, Megan Rapinoe and WNBA icon Sue Bird. CBD Hemp derived products have become widely popular for a variety of health issues as well providing a natural modality for recovery and relief. Aligning with elite athletes, Mendi is on a mission to amplify the benefits of CBD and shift sports cannabis culture forward.

Rachael Rapinoe joined Jay Morzaria of Sports Cannabis to chat about her movement and all things Mendi.

Jay Morzaria :

You’ve always pushed yourself to be the best, whether it was with your athletic career, or today with Mendi. Where does that relentless pursuit and work ethic come from?

Rachael Rapinoe :

“My drive and relentless pursuit of wanting to be my best self comes from a few places. My mom is the source of the majority of my inspiration. She’s our rock, matriarchal leader and one of the most wonderful human beings I’ve ever met. She’s had a hard life but I admire her ability to find the silver lining and keep striving to do her best work. Another source of inspiration is my twin sister, Megan. Her and I have always been on a quest to be bigger and better than imaginable, she’s obviously achieved this on a much larger scale. She’s an inspiration to be for many reasons, but I truly admire her ability to not let fear dictate her actions and to always stand for things that she knows in her heart is the right thing to do.”

J M :

In 2021, we witnessed sports & cannabis take a step forward.  Do you think we did enough and what needs to change going forward?

R R :

“There’s a lot of progress that we need to see in order to fully free the plant in this country. It starts with the people at the top creating policies that work to protect business owners and the public, not making it more difficult to operate in such a restrictive environment. We also need the FDA to roll out rules and regulations to create more continuity between brands, products, dosages and messaging in order to protect the public from consuming harmful products.”

J M :

Talk to us about the Mendi movement.

R R :

“Our mission with Mendi is to empower athletes and active lifestyles with tools to thrive naturally. We are aiming to be the trusted hemp and cannabis brand for athletes, sports and outdoor enthusiasts and health and wellness seekers who want transparent and high-quality products formulated to aid in sleep, pain, stress & anxiety and energy & focus. We are also creating a brand that sincerely champions equity and equality in the sports and cannabis landscapes. We hope to build a brighter future for all in this journey.”

J M :

Where did you find cannabis helped you the most as an athlete?

R R :

“Unfortunately, I never used this plant while I was playing– which makes me so sad! However, the most noticeable areas that cannabis has positively impacted my life is sleep, full body and localized pain relief and a reduction in my overall stress and anxiousness throughout the day. My body is more balanced from the start of the day until I end the day when I am consuming hemp and cannabis products daily.”

J M :

What is your ultimate goal with Mendi?

RR :

“It is our ultimate goal to champion full plant power, and that also means THC. We want to do our part in destigmatizing the full essence of cannabis, not just the hemp plant.”

JM :

What advice would you give other athletes or entrepreneurs following in your footsteps?

RR :

“Being a business owner in the hemp and cannabis industry is harder than I could have ever imagined. Things take longer and never fully go according to plan. This is definitely not an industry for the faint of heart. I think it does take a genuine passion for the plant, its’ wonderful benefits and the desire to see a better future for all.”

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