The Shake

The Shake with Special Guest Sam Hunt Season 7 | E.04

Industry leader, cannabis advocate and territory manager of Final Bell, Sam Hunt is building the future of cannabis.

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Hosted by former Brock Badgers Sports, Canadian University Hockey Athlete turned Industry Leader Ryan Purvis.

In a budding industry, Sam Hunt’s leading the charge with communications, a focus on optimizing SOP’s and a push for infused, culturally focused events.  Starting in hospitality, Sam pivoted into the Cannabis industry looking for an opportunity to build the future.  With an entrepreneurial mindset, Sam quickly moved up the ladder from Budtender to Territory Manager.

Sam joined Ryan on Episode 04 to chat about the green pivot, a deep dive into his cannabis career from budtender to territory manager, putting a premium on outreach, Final Bell, and Spark in the Park. 

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