The Halftime Report

The Halftime Report with Special Guest Melissa Jane Stapley E.10

Melissa Jane Stapley joined D Rey on the Halftime Report for a candid infused conversation, taking a deep dive into all things Sports Cannabis, MJ Hybrid Solutions and her movement.

From court to boardroom, former college volleyball athlete, cannabis advocate and founder of MJ Hybrid Solutions, Melissa Jane Stapley is leading the charge for female cannabis entrepreneurs across North America.

Melissa has been actively working within the cannabis community to destigmatize the sports cannabis conversation and has created MJ Hybrid Solutions, an online cannabis/CBD education and sales training platform for dispensaries, retailers, brands and individuals.   With years of experience and an opportunity to move the conversation forward, she has joined the Blunt Brunch as a Co-Host for Phoenix, Arizona.

Melissa Jane Stapley connected with D Rey on the Halftime Report for a candid, infused talk about her athletic career, the “ah-ha” moment that ultimately inspired Melissa to join the cannabis industry, cannabis education, MJ Hybrid Solutions, women in cannabis, and the initiatives she’s taken on to #BreakTheStigma.

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Host by: D Rey, Production and Powered by: Sports Cannabis Inc.

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