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CBD Makes Waves in the WNBA

WNBA Legend, 4 Time Olympic Gold Medalist Sue Bird joined the Portland CBD Company, Mendi Co. as an “Ambassador”.

Despite the staunch stance of the WNBA, Sue has incorporated CBD into her life “carefully”.

“I believe in CBD…Even though it is on the ban list for the WNBA, it is not for the Olympics so there are pockets of time where I can use it regularly.”
-Sue Bird

Sue has been able to incorporate CBD during international play to help with anxiety or to calm down after a long day of training. 

“I’ve seen the positive effects…For me, it comes in the form of sleep, for the most part. There are definitely days when I’m feeling anxious or just need to calm down, I take it. But for the most part, I use it for sleep and it has been amazing.”
-Sue Bird, (More Info :

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Mendi Co : Mendio Co, has hit the stage in full stride with support from Soccer Legend Megan Rapinoe and twin sister & Mendi CEO, Rachel Rapinoe. CBD products are usually derived from hemp and have become widely popular for a variety of health issues. Today, Mendi Co. has aligned with key athletes to help amplify the benefits of CBD, share their experiences and #BreaktheStigma.

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