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Clearing the CBD Gap

Professional Skateboarder, X Games Legend and World Champ Andy MacDonald has Cleared the CBD Gap.

MacDonald has partnered with a prominent CBD manufacturer and is advocating for Extreme Sports Athletes using CBD.

“…I haven’t taken a painkiller in over a year…it’s not going to tear up stomach or hurt your liver…it’s just extracts from the hemp plant – it’s been amazing for me…as a 45 year old professional skateboarder, I’m using it…I’m back it because it’s helping me…” 
-Andy MacDonald

Skateboarding is a sport riddled with injuries and grueling training sessions. Today CBD is skating close to athletes providing relief, recovery and acting as an anti-inflammatory. CBD products target receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system.

It can calm inflammation that results from muscle pulls, strains to ligaments and tendons, and bruises. For Pro and active skateboarders these are daily occurrences, full spectrum products have been highly effective and provide a natural alternative without the detrimental side effects.

Andy MacDonald joins a growing list of Pro Athletes pushing the CBD movement forward in skateboarding.

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