The Halftime Report

The Halftime Report with Special Guest Anna Symonds E.12

Anna Symonds joined D Rey on the Halftime Report for a candid, infused conversation, taking a deep dive into all things Sports Cannabis and her movement to break the stigma.
Photography by Nicolle Clemetson

Retired Women’s Premier League Rugby player Anna Symonds is leading the cannabis charge off the field for athletes across the globe. Before retiring, Symonds dominated the rugby field with highlights that include; a USA Rugby Div 1 National Championship, a Sydney (Aus) Premiership Championship, 4 national championships in the sport of Touch Rugby and represented the USA Women’s Team at the 2015 Touch Rugby World Cup. Today she is a thought leader, industry expert and cannabis educator using her platform to break the stigma.

Anna connected with D Rey to talk about her professional career, a deep dive into education, cannabis routines, plant relationships, rules and regulations, a halftime infused moment, the cannabis green thumb, psychedelics, sports cannabis and what needs to change going forward. Learn about her movement today;

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Candid, infused, culturally forward talks with athletes, influencers and industry leaders. Hosted by NCAA Legend, D Rey.

Production by: Sports Cannabis Inc.

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