The Halftime Report

The Halftime Report with Special Guest Bethany Semeiks E.11

Bethany Semeiks joined D Rey on the Halftime Report for a candid infused conversation, taking a deep dive into all things Sports Cannabis and her movement to break the stigma.

Skating to break the stigma, normalize the conversation and advocate for change, Bethany Semeiks is moving the needle forward and paving the path for athletes around the world.  For 8 years Bethany Semeiks was known as the “B-Train” dominating Women’s Roller Derby and today she’s using CBD to help with sleep, recovery and relief.  With an opportunity to shift the perception Bethany’s using her platform to move timely topics to the forefront and create awareness around the endocannabinoid system.

Bethany Semeiks connected with D Rey to talk about her athletic and professional career, the cannabis pivot, moving the needle forward with education, a deep dive into all things sports cannabis and the initiatives she’s pushing forward.

Learn about her movement today;

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Hosted by: Darryl Reynolds, Produced by: Sports Cannabis Inc.

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