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Kevin Durant’s Dropping Cannabis Dimes on Netflix Special with David Letterman

“To me it clears the distractions out of your brain a little bit, settles you down, it’s like having a glass of wine.”

Global NBA icon and entrepreneur,  Kevin Durant’s making headlines, dropping cannabis dimes on David Letterman’s Netflix special.

Kevin Durant is a Professional NBA athlete with highlights that include; twelve-time NBA All-Star honors, two NBA championships, a NBA Most Valuable Player Award, Two Finals MVP Awards, Two All-Star game MVP Awards, four NBA scoring titles, the NBA rookie of the year award and has amassed Two Gold Medals.

Looking to normalize the conversation, Kevin Durant spoke openly with David Letterman about cannabis and how it affects him;

“To me it clears the distractions out of your brain a little bit, settles you down, it’s like having a glass of wine.”

-Kevin Durant | My Next Guest Needs No Introduction- Netflix

With Cannabis coming to the forefront and leagues adopting new policies, athletes like Kevin Durant are betting big on Cannabis.  Considered by many to be one of the best NBA players, Kevin Durant is winning off the court as an entrepreneur and investor with an eye for tech and emerging industries.   In early 2021 Kevin Durant’s VC firm Thirty Five Ventures and Weedmaps announced a collaborative content partnership. 

Speaking on their partnership, Kevin emphasized the need to change the narrative; 

“We partnered with Weedmaps on content, and to try to figure out ways to change the narrative around athletes and marijuana.”adding, “It’s confusing to a lot of people, you can look around this city, there’s going to be dispensaries everywhere , where you can actually go buy weed.  It’s even crazier that you got people in jail for 20  years for selling a pound… “

-Kevin Durant | My Next Guest Needs No Introduction – Netflix

Watch the entire interview on Netflix.

Kevin Durant’s Partnership with Weedmaps

Mid August 2021, Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman connected with Chris Beals on the Out Of Office Podcast to announce their partnership with Weedmaps;

“Thirty Five Ventures, Board Room, Kevin Durant, myself and our entire organization is partnering with Weedmaps to do amongst many things, normalize the conversation around cannabis…”

-Rich Kleiman | Out of Office Podcast

“To me, it’s sort of an insane combination, because I think just the dominance that you (Kevin Durant) have from the sporting side, what you’ve built with 35 ventures, and what you’re doing, the elevated discussion around business, its intersection with sports, its intersection with culture, with music…. Being able to partner and tell stories, there are so many people, OG’s, and folks who have come through and clawed their way to get to this point where we are now, and I mean, I couldn’t think of a better partnership to help shed light on that.”

-Weedmaps CEO Chris Beals | Out of Office Podcast

Weedmaps  was founded in 2008, created to be a comprehensive platform for consumers and focuses on building software solutions for the industry.  Transparency and inclusivity is at the forefront of their mission and the upcoming content partnership aims to break the stigma as well as provide a platform to spark attention and awareness around Cannabis.

As the cannabis industry continues to flourish, it’s important to keep the conversation open and constant. The trend towards normalizing Cannabis is not specific to one country. Athletes around the world are taking part in a global movement to end prohibition.  Learn more about elite athletes using their platforms to change the perception of cannabis and normalize the conversation.

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