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Achieving New Heights

Keir Dillon has achieved New Heights with CBD. Today he's sharing his journey and advocating for transparency and education.

Athletes from the extreme sports world are coming to the forefront to advocate for cannabis and normalize the conversation. We caught up with retired Pro Snowboarder, an Absolute Legend and Entrepreneur Keir Dillon to talk Sports Cannabis. 

Keir Dillons is a retired pro snowboarder that specialized in the half pipe and was considered by many to be one of the world’s best riders. He accumulated Two Bronze Medals at the Winter X Games for the Snowboard Superpipe, took back to back Gold Medal victories at the World Superpipe Championships in 2004’05, secured a 2nd and third place finish in the United States Open and much more. 

Today Keir is taking on the Cannabis Industry head on as an advocate and entrepreneur pushing for education, transparency and normalization on a number of platforms. Cannabis has helped him with anxiety, stress, manage panic attacks and regain a normal life without having to resort to pharmaceuticals. We connected with Keir to get a better sense of his passion for the industry and love for the plant;

“With Cannabis, the love for the plant, the love for the people that are in the industry, that’s really what’s drawn me in and helped me get excited about this being a long term thing. Being on the farm, growing hemp -cutting it and hanging it and just being a part of that whole process. As an athlete, especially with snowboarding or surfing, you are one with nature, you are one with it, and it’s that same vibe. I also love that it’s new, action sports when I started was new, there was a ton of innovation -and it’s the same thing with Cannabis, you think it’s come so far, but it’s still just the beginning.”

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