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The Shake with Special Guest Jeremy Smith Season 7 | E.03

Founder of Les Munchies and board member for the Canadian Cannabis Tourism Alliance, Jeremy Smith.

Changing the conversation around infused food and cannabis tourism, Jeremy Smith joined Ryan Purvis on the Shake Podcast.  Jeremy was a professional bodybuilder before making the pivot into the cannabis industry.  Dealing with a host of ailments, Jeremy partnered in Cannabis for relief with Crohn’s Disease and to decrease his opioid use.  Today, he’s moving the needle forward with nutrition, education and a push for cannabis tourism.

Jeremy joined Ryan on Episode 02 to take a deep dive into all things Sports Cannabis, his professional cannabis pivot, Cannabis vs Pharmaceuticals, Infused Foods, Les Munchies Inc. – the movement and Canadian Cannabis Tourism.

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Hosted by former Brock Badgers USPORTS, Canadian University Hockey Athlete turned Industry Leader Ryan Purvis.

Production, Powered by: Sports Cannabis Inc.

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