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Chris Webber Teams Up to Create $100 Million Dollar Cannabis Impact Fund

Earlier this year NBA rebounding legend Chris Webber teamed up with Jason Wild, Founder of JW Asset Management to launch a $100 million Cannabis Impact Fund.

Chris played professional basketball for 15 years in the NBA. His career highlights include; leading the NBA in rebounds in 98’99, five NBA All Star appearances and an induction into the NBA Hall of Fame.

Since retiring Chris Webber has dedicated his time to working with athletes and professionals within the Cannabis Industry as well as creating Webber Wellness.  

Chris’s interest in Cannabis peaked during his playing days because of the medications being prescribed;

“I really became curious about it when I was playing because there were certain medications I was taking that had terrible impacts on my body days later, months later and even years later.  I really got into it because of the healing properties of the cannabis plant and excited that once I retired I was able to work in that space with Webber Wellness”

-Chris Webber/NCV Podcast

With a wave of states legalizing cannabis, the focus has shifted to the war on drugs, outdated policies and social injustices.  Chris aims to provide assistance for entrepreneurs that have been largely shut out of business opportunities due to social and financial barriers.

“As our country moves closer to federal legalization, I believe it is more important than ever to empower the next generation of cannabis leaders in a tangible way.  I’m thrilled to team up with Jason on this endeavor — he’s a visionary in this industry and understands the urgency of supporting minority business leaders in this space.”

-Chris Webber / Press Release

Ultimately, Chris and Jason are hopeful the funds model will be adapted by other parts of the industry.



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