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Retired NBA Pro, Cannabis advocate and entrepreneur Al Harrington is changing the game, adding Allen Iverson to the Viola Brand Roster in a multi year Partnership.

Considered by many to be one of the Greatest Point Guards of All Time, retired NBA Legend Allen Iverson, is the latest athlete to join the cannabis industry, sharing the news on his instagram;

“Happy to be joining my brother Al Harrington and the whole Viola Family.  Ready to Change the Game!!”

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson a.k.a. “The Answer” played 14 seasons in the NBA with career highlights that include, 11-time NBA All-Star appearances, 2x All-Star Game MVP’s in ’01 & ’05, recipient of the NBA’s MVP award in 2001 and in 2016 was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.  Known for disrupting and changing NBA culture, it’s fitting that Allen Iverson joins the Cannabis Industry in an effort to break the stigma, change perception and normalize the cannabis conversation.

Iverson’s interest was ultimately pushed when he joined Al Harrington at Viola’s 18,000 sq/ft grow earlier this year to get a better understanding of the process, product and people behind the brand.  In recent years Viola has created premium products as well as timely initiatives targeted at social justice and equitable offerings, pushing to expand industry diversity, facilitate community building and provide employment opportunities.  With a commitment to increasing minority participation, ownership and education, Allen Iverson has decided to team up with Viola Brand in a multi year Partnership.

“I’ve had a lot of people approach me with business opportunities, but this one with Al was different.  After seeing how devoted he is to this business, and him educating me on how beneficial the plant is, it just felt right. I’m excited to be a part of it. Together, we’re about to change the game.”

-Allen Iverson, Viola Brands

The partnership will feature a host of premium Cannabis and non Cannabis products as well as  a line dubbed “The Iverson Collection” geared towards consumers from all backgrounds, launching officially in California this October.

Al Harrington believes the partnership with Allen Iverson will break barriers, impact culture and provide an opportunity to push the boundaries;

“In the same way Allen impacted the culture, we’re going to continue to impact the cannabis industry.  We’re going to keep pushing boundaries. I’m honored to have Allen on board. We want to continue to inspire others and encourage people of color to participate in the cannabis space.”

-Al Harrington/ CEO Viola Brands
-Photo Credit : Al Harrington

Al Harrington leads the charge for cannabis athlete entrepreneurs bringing to life unique brands and initiatives.  Al’s most notable endeavour, Viola Brand is a company named after his grandmother who suffered from glaucoma as well as diabetes and eventually found significant relief after implementing cannabis into her life.  

Today, Viola Brand is a cannabis company founded by Al Harrington with an emphasis on offering premium products, as well as a focus on education, social equity and community involvement. The Viola Brand is working to increase minority ownership with an aim to empower and create a coalition of minority investors who can operate Viola. They’re pushing to reinvest into the community by focusing on producing initiatives, events, partnerships and food drives.

Earlier this year Viola Brand splashed into Canada announcing a strategic partnership between Viola Brand & Avicanna Inc., entering an intellectual property licensing royalty agreement. Read More .


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