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Splashing into CBD

NBA Champ, Klay Thompson’s splashing into the CBD/Cannabis Industry, teaming up with other elite athletes to create; Just Live.

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In a historic moment, Klay Thompson became the first active NBA athlete to back a CBD brand.

Klay’s career highlights includes; being selected to the NBA All Rookie Team, NBA Three Point Comp Champion, NBA all Defensive Team, 2x All-NBA Third Team, 5x NBA All Star and a Three time NBA Champion with the GSW.  

Klay has dealt with his fair share of injuries and today is advocating for CBD and a clean healthy lifestyle.  He’s partnered with other elite athletes to create a unique product line “Just Live” which caters to fitness enthusiasts and athletes of all levels looking for natural, clean alternatives.

“Whether it’s winding down after a game, working through muscle pain, or recovering from an injury, CBD is a natural one-stop-shop that allows me to prioritize my physical and mental health.”

-Klay Thompson

Pushing the boundaries off the court, Klay recently joined “Undisputed” to chat about the societal stigmas and social justice issues that exist, in an effort to normalize the sports cannabis conversation;

“The stigma behind [CBD] has always been it’s a drug or something you are smoking. But it comes in so many forms. The NBA is pretty progressive, as it’s shown over the summer with social justice and in other aspects. The NBA is leading by example by being progressive-minded. It’s great for sport.  There are so many natural properties. It doesn’t have to be smoked. It can be applied as cream or used as pills, and it has hot-cold remedies as lotion. It’s a natural way of healing.”

-Klay Thompson

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