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The NFL's slowly adapting to Cannabis.

Under the new guidelines players will not be tested for Delta 9 THC-carboxylic acid from April 20 to Aug 09. Reform to these policies was one of the biggest changes in the NFLPA and marked a historic moment for Retired and Current NFL players pushing for an even playing field.

Retired and Active NFL players have been advocating for Cannabis to help with healing, inflammation, anxiety, speed up recovery and get better sleep. 

NFL athletes endure excruciating careers, constant injuries and gruelling seasons. In a sport where career security hinges on health, NFL athletes were forced to take extreme measures, relying on pharmaceuticals to cope with injuries and stay game ready.

In 2016, Eugene Monroe was the First Active NFL player to openly advocate for Medical Cannabis, speaking about the profound effects it’s had on his life, promoting education and pushing for normalization.

Since retiring, Eugene has become a lead advocate for Medical Cannabis Research and Policy Reform in the NFL. We had an opportunity to connect with him to take a deep dive into Sports Cannabis, a push for education and Eugene shared his thoughts on the New NFL agreement.

Stream our interview with retired NFL Legend, Eugene Monroe Today!

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