Sports Cannabis Interviews

Jacob Golliday a.k.a. Jesus of Golf

Pro Long Driver, Jesus of Golf is driving to break the stigma and change the perception of cannabis.

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Today, Pro Golfers are taking a stance on and off the green, back CBD and driving for awareness, education and normalization.

Sports Cannabis connected with Pro Golfer & Long Driver, Cannabis Advocate and Entrepreneur Jacob Golliday a.k.a Jesus of Golf.  Jacob Golliday played college baseball before making the transition to long drive golf.  Jacob started to use cannabis to help manage an injury and has since incorporated it into his training for recovery and relief.

Today he is an outspoken advocate pushing the movement forward within the golf world. Outside of training all year for pro long drive tournaments as well as Pro Golf Tournaments, he’s spreading education amongst athletes about the profound effects CBD/Cannabis can play for recovery, relief and training.

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