Sports Cannabis Interviews

Pauls Pujats

Paul Pujats, Olympic Pole Vaulter joins Sports Cannabis to talk about alternative modalities of healing and yoga.

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Athletes, pro athletes as well as now sporting leagues are looking to Cannabis in one way or another. For years pro athletes haven’t been able to access a plant that could alleviate the pressures of a rigorous training schedule, demanding hours, and injuries. The traditional methods consisted of a cocktail of remedies that had both short term and long term side effects that are proven to be detrimental to these athletes and their careers. Today we are doing something a bit different, in order for any athlete to excel it really means creating a full circle solution that helps with every facet of life.

Sports Cannabis had the fortunate opportunity to speak with another Cannabis Athletes making waves within the industry and today we are going to talk to an individual that focuses on those other key factors, that when paired with cannabis can create an optimal solution for your mind, body and soul.

We had the unique opportunity and pleasure of chatting with Olympian, Pro Athlete, Sports Influencer, Trigger Point Therapy Specialist, Mindfulness and Yoga instructor, Pauls Pujats.

In this interview we discussed his preferred healing modalities, book dedicated to eating/nutrition, airbnb-athletes program and platform he’s created for athletes & individuals around the world.

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