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NBA Legend, Champion and All Star, Kevin Durant jumps into the Cannabis Industry.

NBA Legend and Champion Kevin Durant has been at the forefront of investing and most recently joined Canopy Rivers Advisory Board.

“We’re thrilled to have Thirty Five Ventures join the Canopy Rivers team…Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman have built an incredible brand worldwide, investing in and growing some of the cannabis and tech industry’s hottest companies. We’re excited to combine our venture capital knowledge and cannabis domain expertise, and we believe that this partnership will drive success for our portfolio as we continue to grow it in the years ahead.”

–NarbĂ© Alexandrian, President & CEO, Canopy Rivers. 

Founder of Sports Cannabis; J Morzaria interviewed Narbe Alexandrian on The Shake Podcast in late 2020.  The Shake interviews Industry Leaders and Top LPS around the globe within the dynamic cannabis world.   Head over today to listen to the entire interview and to learn more about the VC Cannabis Firm.

“We’ve recognized that Canopy Rivers has taken a data-backed approach to map out forward-looking opportunities in the industry…We are looking forward to joining the Advisory Board, and helping to align with some of the most disruptive founders in the space.”

-Rich Kleiman, Partner, Thirty Five Ventures

Kevin Durant : Kevin Durant is a Professional NBA Player, All Star and Champion. He’s won two NBA champions, an NBA Most Valuable Player Award, Two Finals MVP Awards, Two All-Star game MVP Awards, owns four NBA scoring titles, the NBA rookie of the year award and has amassed Two Gold Medals. He’s an entrepreneur, investor and obsessed with Tech and emerging industries.

Canopy Rivers : Riv Capital provides capital and build sustainable businesses. Their mission is to capitalize on the building momentum of the U.S. Cannabis market and pursue large investments or acquisition opportunities in established U.S.-based operating businesses. Riv Capital’s goal is to leverage their assets and expertise to accelerate the growth of their investments and acquisitions while returning value to their shareholders.


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