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Hitting the Green with Jesus of Golf

“I saw the movement of cannabis and saw the movement of golf and realized the two were mingling and decided to combine them, normalize them and provide education on the entire plant."
[Photography : Jackson Ray Petty | SC Creative Contributor : Matthew Nielsen]

In the last two decades, golf has entered a rapid transformation with new athletes disrupting traditional culture and infusing the sport with colour, young spirits, long drives and green moments. Jacob Golliday, a man of many talents, is the face of change in Golf.  His full defiant golden flowing beard perfectly matches his long dirty blond hair, hipster demeanor and carefree attitude.  Yet, it’s this relaxed approach that makes people forget he’s constantly planning for what’s ahead, methodically navigating his next move. 

Golf wasn’t always the sport of choice for Golliday, he played baseball growing up and throughout college made a name for himself as a big hitter.  After suffering a career-ending injury, Jacob realized he needed to pivot industry and medically.

“I have a background with college baseball and baseball was my passion.  Injuries Freshman and Junior years forced me to end my baseball career.  Post baseball, I was smoking a lot of herb and moved to Humboldt for a few years to learn about the culture of cannabis.  Shortly after in 2017, I decided to play golf professionally.”

-Jacob Golliday | Jesus of Golf

For a lot of individuals, the notion of change can be hard to digest, especially when that change involves a professional career.  When we think of greatness, we associate it with athletes, individuals who persevere across all odds.  Despite the immense hurdle Jacob Golliday  faced, he would not be denied an athletic career and pushed forward into another swing-dominant sport, golf.  This may have seemed like a natural progression, but for Jacob, it was a calculated, methodical and strategic move;

“I saw the movement of cannabis and saw the movement of golf and realized the two were mingling and decided to combine them, normalize them and provide education on the entire plant.  Having an opportunity to be on the course, play golf and smoke grass was when it really registered that the two go hand in hand. After that I decided it was time to introduce golf to cannabis.”

-Jacob Golliday | Jesus of Golf

Cannabis, like his injury, provided him with an opportunity to pivot, this time from traditional pharmaceuticals to natural clean modalities.  Hungry to learn more, Jacob set out to educate himself on the entire endocannabinoid system.  The plant layered in stigma has had an uphill battle against rules, regulation and scientific exploration.  In recent years government bodies that had once rejected the notion of Cannabis are coming to their senses and legalizing cannabis.

“During a full season of Golf, Long Drive Competitions and constant training, Cannabis helps me get into the zone. It helps with recovery, mental stability and provides an ability to shut off when needed. The next step is using education to normalize the Sports Cannabis conversation and break the stigma. As long as we are persistent and consistent with our approach, one swing at a time, we’ll be able to shift the narrative around cannabis and sports.”

-Jacob Golliday | Jesus of Golf

Swinging for the green, Jacob has put on his entrepreneurial hat, partnering with close friends and industry titans to create Par-Tee Tour, an event that embodies the heart, soul and spirit of Jacob Golliday. The Par-Tee Tour, much like Jacob Golliday, aims to disrupt culture, golf and events, fusing life, and music with epic in person experiences connecting individuals from all walks of life.

“In 2021, myself and a bunch of my friends decided to start a music, art and golf festival.  At the time I was living with Wes Patterson, got him involved and had Chris Keating join us, who has a background in producing large events and festivals.  From there it took off, we brought on Dave House who has a deep production background with shows like Rolling Loud and Battle Test Security who just did the NBA All-Star Game as well as work with a few NFL Teams.  Collectively we came together and put together the framework to create a top golf, music infused art festival that would take place on a golf course.  We had our event earlier in 2022 and it was absolutely epic.  I’m looking forward to more events in the future.”

-Jacob Golliday | Jesus of Golf

The greener approach has provided new heights for Jacob’s career, and as the cannabis industry continues to grow so does Jesus of Golf’s following.  Today, outside of moving the needle at tournaments, as an advocate and entrepreneur, he’s sharing invaluable golf tips, tricks and tools on his Instagram.

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