Building the Future of Cannabis with Calvin Johnson Jr. and Rob Sims

“It’s about creating change, and that’s what we’re trying to do as former professional athletes, as entrepreneurs and advocates, we’re changing the narrative and breaking the stigma…”

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Hitting the Green with Jesus of Golf

“I saw the movement of cannabis and saw the movement of golf and realized the two were mingling and decided to combine them, normalize them and provide education on the entire plant.”

Ricky Williams; Making a Play for The Highsman

“The end result is to normalize it, but I think the plan is bigger than normal. Greatness isn’t normal—it’s something that’s unique and special, even if it’s just the message. To me I keep coming back to messages like the value of feeling good and sparking greatness.”

Anna Symonds | Moving the Needle Forward in 2022

“Cannabis helps me physically, mentally, and emotionally by offering rest, recovery, and a helpful change of perspective. It lifts away the burden of chronic pain, soothes with its anti-inflammatory properties, and grants an all-over relaxation that allows my body to do deeper self-healing. I wake up the next day recharged and more able to take…

Mike James is Pushing for Change with Lion Order

Retired NFL legend, Mike James has joined the Lion Order movement and is using his platform to provide a ripple of change across the athletic community. Mike James started his pursuit for the NFL at the University of Miami.  With a fearless attitude, hunger to succeed and ferocious appetite to be the best, Mike was…

Meet the CEO of Lion Order, Chloe Villano

Industry leader, entrepreneur and cannabis advocate, Chloe Villano is pushing the movement forward through a focus on education, brand development and an emphasis on normalizing the plant. She is a nationally recognized cannabis expert and in 2009 founded Clover Leaf University, the first cannabis and hemp university approved by the department of higher education. Outside…

Rohan Marley, Lion Order -The Movement

Rohan Marley, son of reggae legend Bob Marley, is an entrepreneur, father, thought leader and cannabis advocate, sharing his roots and passion for life through a host of unique companies.  With an opportunity to inspire and educate, Rohan’s using his platform to move culture forward through the Lion Order movement.  Rohan graduated from Miami Palmetto…

Runner’s High with Josiah Hesse

“Cannabis transports me to realms of intense passion, where my joy for any given activity (be it running, writing, or cleaning) is accelerated to the point where everything else dissolves into silence and I become lost in every nuance of it. It transformed me from a sedentary, depressed, high school dropout with a drinking problem,…

Bethany Semeiks

Skating to break the stigma, normalize the conversation and advocate for change, Bethany Semeiks is moving the needle forward and paving the path for athletes around the world. For 8 years Bethany Semeiks was known as the “B-Train” dominating Women’s Roller Derby and today she’s using CBD to help with sleep, recovery and relief.  With…

Changing the Medical Cannabis Game with Hybrid Pharm

The Canadian Medical landscape is changing with professionals, athletes and companies coming to forefront to break the stigma and normalize the Cannabis conversation.  Two individuals leading the charge, changing the game as well as helping athletes and patients gain access to Medical Cannabis in Canada, are Rahim Dhalla and Angelo Muscari of Hybrid Pharm. The…

Ian McCall is Fighting to Break The Stigma

Retired UFC/MMA Icon, World Champion, Cannabis/Psychedelic Advocate, Ian McCall is paving the path for athletes and patients outside of the octagon, fighting for change and using his platform to break the stigma.  Today Ian has dedicated his life to spreading education, moving Cannabis and Psychedelic research forward as well as creating unique content in an…

Empower Psychedelics

Former elite athletes turned cannabis & psychedelic entrepreneurs are pushing timely research initiatives.

Dani Horan Jenny

Moving the needle in Crossfit Dani Horan Jenny joins Sports Cannabis to share her story in an effort to normalize the Cannabis Conversation for women across the globe.

Keir Dillon

With Cannabis & Mental Health taking centre stage across the world, retired Professional Snowboarder Keir Dillon is sharing his story in an effort to normalize the conversation and push for awareness.



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