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Billy Horschel’s Hitting the Green with BEAM

Billy Horschel has found the edge with CBD rejuvenating his career after incorporating the plant into his routine.  Horschel saw a dramatic increase in his performance, from enduring six months without a top eight finish, to four top eight finishes in four months.

Dealing with nagging injuries, inflammation and sleeping issues, Billy incorporated infused CBD topicals and powders;

I didn’t get enough sleep and my body didn’t recover very well. I’ve always survived on five hours and I thought I could perform on five hours of sleep…the data showed my body wasn’t recovering from that so I needed to try to get more sleep and that was hard because I toss and turn a lot. One of the products that beam offers is ‘dream’. Wherever I went around the country, around the world, I knew if I took this product I was going to be able to get a really good night’s sleep… That translated to me being in a better mood and my body performing on a daily basis more consistently. If I ever do have any aches and pains from training, ‘the fixer’ and ‘boost’ are two of the beam’s products I’ve used out on the golf course to relieve the inflammation that I might be feeling.

-Billy Horschel/Forbes

After witnessing the dramatic change and increased health, Horschel joined professional race car driver Danica Patrick, investing in BEAM.  Billy isn’t the only golfer joining the list of athletes backing cannabis companies.  Fellow pro golfer, Bubba Watson joined a prominent CBD brand to help fuel his journey.

I see Phil Mickelson winning at 48, so I’ve got at least eight more years of having a shot of winning some tournaments.  So for me it was about how I create longevity in the game of golf and spending time with my kids running around. CBD was easily a fit for me.

-Bubba Watson/CbdMD Athlete Ambassador

This marks a shift in the golf world with professional golfers advocating and investing in cannabis.  CBD has been legal for golfers to use since the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from it’s banned substances list in 2018.  Golf, a sport riddled in tradition, is giving CBD a mulligan.



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